Welcome, and thank you for visiting our Tabernacle Prayer
Church website. We are a new church plant, still in its
foundational stages. Some of our major goals here at Tabernacle
are to be a bible believing church community that has its heart
beat on Prayer, the Word of God, and the love of God. To raise up
strong disciples with a good biblical and practical foundation.  We
incorporate as a life style, our greatest weapons: Prayer, Fasting,
and worship to fulfill and accomplish all of the mandate that God
has placed on us as believers.  

We are in a dark hour as the church in America and as a Nation.  
What we need
now, more than anything else, are strong men and
women of God, walking in obedience to Christ and living fully for
(sold out and holding nothing back)... We believe that this is
the only thing that pleases God, which ultimately will cause us to
be fruitful as Christians.

We must stand and be counted in these last hours.

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